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On this page we will continuously be adding new recipes to different courses, drinks and snacks. There will be ideas on how to use some of our delicious products and inspiration to how you can cook with chili.

Poblano Pepper

Origin Mexico Scoville 1500 Scoville-units History The Poblano pepper comes from the region of Puebla in Mexico, which adds to the name of the pepper. The people of Puebla is known as Poblanos, which is also the plural form of...

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Habanero Pepper

Origin Cuba Scoville 250.000 Scoville-units History Some people say that Habanero peppers come from Cuba and is predominantly grown in the Caribbean. Habanero directly translates to from Havana and is well-known in kitchens all over the world.  Chilihouse products using Habanero...

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Apache Pepper

Origin Great Britain Scoville 90.000 Scoville-Units History The history of Apache peppers is relatively unknown - like their place of origin. The Apache pepper is predominantly grown in great Britain and is also an easy pepper to grow at home....

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7 Pot Pepper

Origin Caribbean Scoville 1,3 million Scoville-units History The 7 pot chili are from the Caribbean islands Trinidad and Tobago. The pepper got its name because the pepper is so strong that it could season seven pots of chili. The 7...

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Pepper X

Origin USA Scoville 3.18 million Scoville-units History The creator of Pepper X is the same man, Ed Currie, who created the pepper has the title of the Worlds Hottest Pepper, Carolina Reaper. Ed Currie wished to make a pepper that...

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Kashmiri Pepper

Origin India Scoville 1500 Scoville-units History The Kashmiri pepper is from Kashmir in northern India and is produced primarily throughout India. The pepper has a light fruity flavour which makes it great for use in cooking. Chilihouse products using Kashmiri Peppers Try...

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Carolina Reaper

Origin USA Scoville 1.8 - 2,3 milion Scoville-units History The Carolina Reaper was awarded the title of the world's spiciest chilli pepper in 2013 by Guinness World Records. The pepper was created by "smokin'" Ed Currie, who is known as...

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Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

Origin Trinidad Scoville 1,2 million Scoville-units History Trinidad Moruga Scorpion is type of pepper from the Caribbean islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and made by Wahid Ogeer. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion thrives in hot weather, and the heat in the chilli intensifies...

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