Ancho chili – whole and dried – 1000 gr

Chili Type: Ancho | Chili Heat: 1 | Producer: Nuevo Progreso


The large, aromatic and mild chilies that, among other things, form the basis for an authentic Chili con Carne or Mole Poblano …

Ancho, along with guajillo and pasilla, are the 3 most classic and well-known Mexican chilies.

Ancho chili has a slightly sweet and deep taste.

This bag contains 1000 gr

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The stem is taken off the dried Chili and the seeds are shaken out … soak in lukewarm water for approx. 20 minutes. Can then be easily chopped and used in dressings, marinades and stews at will. Can also be added directly to stews or soups.

Dried ancho