Chipotle – whole and dried – 75 gr

Chili Type: Chipotle | Chili Heat: 3 | Producer: Various

Chipotle chili is an old Mexican chili that can be traced all the way back to the Aztecs. Loosely translated into English Chipotle means “smoked chili” .

The most common chipotle chili variety we eat in Europe comes from the Chihuahua province of Mexico and is called Morita, but there are many different ones, some of which are only available in Mexico.

Most often it is a jalapeño chili that is used to create a chipotle. The fresh chilies are placed in a smoke chamber where they are turned every 2-3 hours and after a few days most of the moisture is removed and what is left is a dried chili with a nice smoky taste. Since jalapeño chili is among the milder varieties, the typical chipotle chili is not very strong either. Chipotle chili has become very popular due to the amazing and lovely, smoky taste and aroma.

This bag contains 75 gr

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